with Sarina Admaty & Sabrina Barbieri & Francesca Bardel & Alexandra Münger & Doris Schmid & Luise Sumereder &Nadja Trachsel & Silvia Vela Viquerat & Fabian Zwicker FORMAT curating / design MATERIAL second-hand furniture / particle board / adhesive foil / etc.

an exceptional year exhibition of the own studies in art education arises 2014. the concept is based on the principle of an apartment. this allows a vesatile insight into the multifaceted study. the visitors re led through the school building in zurich altstetten by floor plan lines.

various symbolic rooms provide space for the localization of projects made by the students, theories and interactions. for example theoretical approaches are presented dreamily in the 'bedroom', the workshops are located in the kitchen (under the motto of "distributing recepies") and there is a part with cooperation projects and internship documentaries in the garden (as emblematic gateway of the "educational world").

certain self-runners, the living room as a meeting place with a gallery with photos of alumnus students and professors and an attic with curiosities from former students, brings the overall impression down. just before the move to the new location 'toni areal', all furniture is sold during a house flea market.